Sexualizing Underage Girls

A new study shows that teenage girls has sexually shown on prime-time TV more than adults critics condemn the trend as a sinister obsession with underage young women.

Parents Television Council, a report on 15 December concluded that in popular TV series, minor female characters appear on the screen increases the amount of sexual content in a given show.

The Council also found that teenage girls demonstrate almost no negative reaction to his sexual and that the vast majority of sexual disorders are shown as the solid outside of a relationship.

The study, entitled "New Destination: A Study of Female Teen sexualization on Prime Time TV" and was used Nielsen data on content analysis of the most popular prime-time broadcast shows among 12-17 year olds during the 2009-2010 TV season based.

While only 29 percent of the adult characters were seen in sexual dysfunction in these shows, 47 percent of the characters involved underage females. Of the young girls who were sexually represented only five percent of a reluctance or resistance to the situations they were in. also announced a whopping 98 percent of the time had sexual encounters that the girls than the outside of any form under a relationship.

The report compiled video clips of examples, a high school girl in bed with a young man in the hit show "Gossip Girl", a female character from "90210" alcohol consumption while undressing, a female between two cheerleaders kiss on "Glee "and young characters in series like" The Vampire Diaries "into a violent, hyper-sexual encounters.

"Storylines are the most popular shows among teenagers sending the message that our daughters to be sexualized, not only acceptable, it should be asked," Parents Television Council president Tim Warner said.

Apart from being disturbed by the sexual representation of female minors, Warner said that the effect of these TV shows prove extremely harmful to young American women, because they reduce their perceived value as human beings.

"The results of this report show Tinseltown eagerness not only to objectify and fetishize young girls, but they believe in a way that real teens are out sexualize, their only value comes from their sexuality," said Warner.

He noted that the report is less about the "shocking" numbers that detail "the disease early sexualization in our entertainment culture." Lieber, Warner said he more than generations of young girls, "to be told how society expects of them, to act concerned."

equip Terry Polakovic, founder and director of the national Catholic women's group, echoed Warner assessment.

"This is another example where impress Hollywood shows the callous on the psyche of the girls who are most affected has contempt", said in a Polakovic 17th December e-mail.

She stressed the need for parental involvement in the fight against social message to young women in the prime-time shows shown.

"My advice for parents is to re-learn what God's plan is set for authentic relationships between men and women, that the truth with your children" included Polakovic.

"If we go this part of their training to Hollywood, we will certainly be disappointed, but we should not be surprised."

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